40 X 30
Arcylic on canvas


Chromatic Cognitions

Color is the language of the mysterious meaning within us. Color is not a product but a process, never finished. Color creates an effect that creates more effects. Color becomes a record or diary of our inner lives. Color becomes an emotional palate. Color creates an ongoing narrative with the viewer conversing internally with the colors in the painting. Colors are alive and living in the reservoir of our experiences. Colors are not what is, but what could have been and captures our inner vitality. Colors are the companion of our memories and experiences. The lines of our lives converge in color and intercept in ways not even understood by the mind, but felt by the soul. Color evolves in the mind of the viewer. Color transforms all of us and is reminiscent of our past and creates the vision of our future. Color is the exploration and evocative catalyst of our imaginations. Color flows from the river of the unconsciousness to our consciousness. Color is the inner poetry of our lives; the inner rhythm of our lives, resonating the beats and measures of the keyboard of our existence. Colors are the depths of our sublime experiences. Color attempts to capture our inner experiences. The appearance of color is just the transient attempt to understand what we have experienced. Color is a reflection of a reflective prism of our inner life. Each canvas is a burst of unexpected colors. These evocative paintings with their mystic innuendo of colors capture our inner world.


Colorful Clouds

40 x 30 Acrylic on canvas $500

Serrated Seurat

Jungle 2